Discovering The Taste Buds Of Asia – A Journey Through Flavors The Great Tasting Cycle: From Thailand to Japan


I love food. I also love traveling, so it’s no surprise that I have visited some of the world’s most famous and delicious cuisine regions. But while these two interests might seem unrelated, they’re actually quite intertwined. As any chef will tell you, learning about different cultures through their food is one of the best ways to learn about people themselves—and vice versa. That’s why I’ve put together this list of countries and cuisines from all over Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, China and India all have a huge range of flavors and styles waiting for you (and by extension me!). While it might be impossible to visit each country in its entirety within a single lifetime, there are certainly ways to sample many different dishes within each country as well!


If you’re like me, then you love to travel. I’ve been to a few places in Asia and they are all quite different from each other. In this post, we will take a journey through flavors from Thailand to Japan by way of Malaysia and Korea.

The Great Tasting Cycle: From Thailand To Japan is an introduction to the post about discovering the tastebuds of Asia – A Journey Through Flavors The Great Tasting Cycle: From Thailand To Japan


Thai food is a great way to begin your journey. It’s spicy, flavorful and healthy. The cuisine of Thailand is renowned for its use of fresh herbs and spices along with chilies to add zest to its dishes. Thai food can be prepared in many different ways depending on what you want out of it: it can be made into curries or stir-fries; served as soups or salads; eaten with rice or noodles; grilled over charcoal fires (or in your kitchen).

Thai cuisine has been influenced by Chinese cooking techniques as well as other Southeast Asian cuisines such as Malaysian and Indonesian which have similar ingredients but differ slightly in preparation methods or presentation style.


The country of Vietnam is a country of contrasts. The people are friendly, but they often seem to be struggling with poverty. Many live in small villages, far from the big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This can make it difficult for tourists to get around and see things properly if they don’t have a car or motorcycle rental service available on hand–but if you do have access to transportation then there’s plenty for you to explore!

Vietnamese food has influences from China, France and India; so if you’re looking for something new then this might just be the place for you! There are many delicious dishes like pho soup (rice noodles), banh mi sandwiches (baguette bread) or bun cha vermicelli dishes with grilled pork meatballs which are both healthy AND cheap! Eating out here won’t break your bank account either since most restaurants serve food at low prices compared with those found elsewhere around Asia Pacific region.”


China is the most populated country in the world, but you may not be aware of this fact until you visit. The country’s food culture is very rich and diverse, influenced by many different regions, ethnic groups and historical events.

Chow down on some traditional Chinese fare like Peking duck at Beijing’s Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant or try dim sum at Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan bakery chain (which recently earned a Michelin star). If you’re feeling adventurous with your meal choices, look for dishes made with snake meat or insects on menus across China–or just stick to dumplings and noodles!


India is a country of great diversity. It has a rich and ancient history, a vibrant culture and colorful customs. India is also home to many languages, religions and cultures that have influenced its cuisine over centuries. The result? A country where food can be as diverse as its people!

  • Food from India is known for being spicy due to their use of spices in cooking.


As you travel through Japan, you’ll notice that the food is simpler and fresher. The flavors are clean and balanced, with just enough complexity to keep your taste buds interested.

Japanese cuisine has a variety of textures, from crisp pickled vegetables to chewy noodles and soft rice cakes. It’s also known for using many different kinds of ingredients in each dish — from pork belly to seafood or tofu — so there’s something for everyone!

This post is about food, travel and tasting the world.

Welcome to the Great Tasting Cycle: From Thailand to Japan. This post is about food, travel and tasting the world. We will take you on a journey through flavors as we discover the tastebuds of Asia.

It all begins with Thailand where I had my first taste of Thai food at an airport restaurant in Bangkok. It was love at first bite – spicy sweet coconut soup with tender shrimp and juicy chunks of pineapple (a dish called Tom Yum Goong). I’ve been hooked ever since!


This post is about food, travel and tasting the world.